For those driving there is an opportunity to do some additional touring in route.  The timing suggested below is a reasonable straight-line drive assuming about one 400 mile day and two 600 mile days.  A LOT more details will be added when everyone agrees on exactly what they want to do.
Click here for the list of participants

There are SAG and NO SAG days on the schedule.  On the SAG days the bicyclists take one van and take turns driving it.  The sessions are short.  On the NO SAG days, the non-bicyclists get the two vehicles. The stops on the NO SAG days are schedule so the non-bicyclist can join the bicyclist for touring and picture-taking.

Sep 3,4,5 (2014): Travel to Jackson Hole by Van (assumes no sight seeing in route)
   - See Bruce Rte or Dave Rte pages
Sep 5: Fri Evening: All meet in Jackson Hole.  Room that night in Jackson Hole at Elk Refuge Motel
   - Located one mile NORTH of Jackson on Rt 89
   - Pickup Andrew and Dean at Airport at 9:00PM

Begin Riding Days

Day 1-Sep 6: Saturday: Ride 44 miles (EASY) from Jackson Hole to Colter Bay, spend evening in Colter Bay. NO SAG - everyone rides
   - 8:30AM: Breakfast at everyone's convenience 
   - 10AM: Meet at Jackson Town Square (Rt 89 & Broadway) for Photo. (about mile south of Motel) Revised Route to Colter Bay
   - 11:30 to 12:30PM ALL meet at Craig Thomas Visitor Center Tour Center,
                                     Purchase Senior Pass
   - 12:30 to 1:30PM All Lunch at Dornan's Chuckwagom
   - 2:30PM Ride greenway trail to Jenny Lake Visitor Center.
   - 5:00PM Bicyclist arrive at Colter Bay. We have booked Colter Bay Cabins.  Non-bicyclists may want to arrive earlier, get asettled in, and do a little self-guided touring of Colter Bay.
   - 6:00PM Visit Jackson Lake Lodge for a photo with Mt Moran.

   - 7:00PM Dinner at Ranch House Restaurant.

Day 2-Sep 7: Sunday: Ride 56 miles (MOD/HARD) from Colter Bay to Yellowstone Lake Resort Area. We have booked cabins and made dinner reservations at Yellowstone Lake Resort. Here is the Revised Route to YS Lodge. NO SAG - everyone rides
   - 7:30AM: Breakfast at everyone's convenience.
                     Option: Pack picnic lunch "to go." Colter Bay Cafe (here is the menu
   - 9:00AM: Meet at Colter Bay Rd & Cabin Rd intersection to start ride
   - 9:45AM: Lizard Creek photo op.
   - 10:30AM: Headwaters Lodge & Cabins Rest Stop
   - 10:45AM: Yellowstone Park Entrance.
   - 11:00PM: Moose Falls photo op
   - 11:45PM: Lewis Lake CG Rest Stop
   - 12:30PM: (Mile 38) Grant Village Visitor Center All meet for lunch  Here's menu
   - 2:00PM: West Thumb Geyser Basin photo op
   - 4:00PM: Yellowstone Lake Lodge
   - 5:45PM: Dinner Reservations at Lake Lodge (also have reservation @ 5:15PM)

Day 3-Sep 8: Monday: Ride 54 miles (TOUGH) from Yellowstone Lake to Mammoth.  We have booked cabin. Here is the Revised Route to Mammoth  SAG
   - 8:30AM: Breakfast at everyone's convenience. 
                     Option: Pack a picnic lunch "to go" YS Lake Gen Store (here is the menu)
   - 10:00AM: Meet at cabin check in to start ride                
   - 11:30-12:30AM: (Mile 17) Yellowstone Grand Canyon SAG Stop - Rest Stop/Photo Op
   - 12:30PM-1:30PM: Canyon Village Lunch
   - 2:00 PM - (Mile 22) Dunraven Pass Pull-off . Top of Mtn SAG Stop
   - 3:30PM: (Mile 36) Roosevelt Lodge Cabins SAG Stop - Rest Stop
   - 4:30PM: Mile 46 Pull Off - Rest Stop
   - 5:00PM: Mammoth Hot Springs - Photo Tour
   - 6:00PM: Mammoth Hotel
   - 7:00PM: Dinner (No reservations made)

Day4-: Tuesday: Ride 52 miles (TOUGH) from Mammoth to Old Faithful. We have booked cabins and made dinner reservations at Old Faithful Lodge. Here is the Revised Route to Old Faithful
   - 7:30AM: Breakfast at everyone's convenience. SAG after Norris
                     Pack picnic lunch "to go."  
   - 9:00AM: Meet at North Entrance Rd
   - 11:00 - 12:30PM: (Mile 21) Norris Geyser Basin Museum
   - 12:30 - 1:30PM: Picnic Lunch at Geyser Museum
   - 2:30PM: (Mile 34) Madison Camp Ground - Rest Stop

        We will be returning along this road and we will stop and tour at that time. 
        Just go straight to Lodge
   - 4:30PM: Old Faithful Lodge
   - 5:15PM: Dinner Reservations in Old Faithful Lodge (reservations for 16)

Day 5-Sep 10: Wednesday: Ride 32 miles (EASY) from Old Faithful to West Yellowstone. We have booked rooms Al Westward Ho.  NO SAG
Route from Old Faithful to West Yellowstone  
   - 8:00AM: Breakfast at everyone's convenience. Catch Old Faithful blowing.
                     Pack picnic lunch "to go."  
   - 10:30AM: Meet at Lodge
   - 10:45 - 11:00AM Rusty Gyser - Tour/photo
   - 11:30 - 12:00AM: Excelsior Geyser - Tour/photo
   - 1:00 - 2:00PM: (Mile 16) Madison Camp Ground - Picnic Lunch
   - 3:00PM: (Mile 27) Two Ribbon Pull Off - Rest Stop
   - 3:30PM: West Yellowstone

 Rest Day, do laundry, and miscellaneous tasks 

Day 6-Sep 11: Thursday: Do a 61 mile (TOUGH) loop around the lake area and return to West Yellowstone, spend evening at Al Westward Ho. .SAG
Route of West Yellowstone Loop 
   - 8:00AM: Breakfast at everyone's convenience.
                     Pack picnic lunch "to go."  
   - 9:00AM: Meet at Motel Lobby - SAG 1
   - 10:00AM: (Mile 14) RV Park - SAG 2
   - 11:30AM: (Mile 31) Madison River Crossing - SAG 3
   - 1:30 - 2:30PM: (Mile 44) Shore Club - SAG 4 and picnic lunch
   - 3:30PM: (Mile 54) Fisherman Village - SAG 5
   - 4:30PM: West Yellowstone

Day 7- Sep 12: Friday: Ride 64 miles (EASY) south to Ashton.  Two options are suggested: a tough mountain ride and an easy main road ride. Spend evening at Rankin Motel  SAG
Here is the easy main road Revised Route to Ashton
   - 8:00AM: Breakfast at everyone's convenience.
   - 9:00AM: Meet at Motel Lobby - SAG 1
   - 10:30AM: (17 Miles) Aspen Ridge Road - SAG 2
   - 12:00 - 1:30PM : (32 Miles) Island Park - SAG 3
                                   All meet for lunch at Anglers Lodge & Riverfront Restaurant
   - 3:00PM: (48 Miles) Mesa Falls - SAG 4 Rest Stop - Photo
   - 4:30PM: Rankin Motel 
   - 6:00PM: Dinner

Day 8 -Sep 13: Saturday: Ride 41 miles (EASY) from Ashton to Driggs, spend evening at Super 8.
   - 8:00AM: Breakfast at everyone's convenience. NO SAG
Route of Ashton to Driggs
   - 9:30AM: Meet at Motel Lobby
   - 1:00 - 2:00PM : All meet in Driggs and find place for lunch 
   - 2:30PM: Get in Vans and drive to Grand Targhee Resort for a look around
   - 5:00PM: Return to Super 8 and check in
   - 6:00PM: Dinner

Day 9- Sep 14: Sunday: Ride 53 miles (TOUGH) from Driggs to Jackson, spend the evening at Elk Ridge Motel New Route
   - 8:00AM: Breakfast at everyone's convenience. SAG
   - 9:30AM: Meet at Motel Lobby
   - 11:00 - 11:15AM : (16 Miles) Squaw Canyon - Rest Stop
   - 11:45AM: (21 Miles) Pull off at top of climb - Rest/Photo
   - 12:15PM: (27.5 Miles) Pick up greenway
   - 12:30 - 1:30PM: (29 Miles) Calico Restaurant and Bar
   - 3:00PM: Elk Refuge Motel
   - 4:30PM: Drive into Jackson for the evening

Sep 15: Monday:
   - Drop off Andrew and Dean at Airport at 6:00AM. Their flight leaves at 7:10AM
   - Head for Bad Lands. Evening in Big Horn in Buffalo, WY
Sep 16: Tuesday: Evening in Super 8 in Rapid City SD

Sep 17: Wednesday: Evening in Super 8 in Chamberland SD

Sep 18: Thursday: Day/Evans - evening in Econo Lodge in Blue Springs MO

Sep 19: Friday: Day/Evans arrive home.

BOB's THOUGHT 9/26/13

Here is the MAP from Old Faithful to Winter Park CO via the ACA TransAmerica Trail for a distance of 518 miles.


  1. I'm considering whether to ride with the Cycle Greater Yellowstone group next year in August 2014. This was their inaugural year in 2013 and it looked like an overwhelming success. Tom is right; it does not go directly into Yellowstone but my understanding it is still spectacular and much safer than riding directly into the park itself. I'm open to all Fogbee suggestions and prefer to ride with you guys. I would not have the days to drive there though so I'd most likely fly unless I hiit the lottery and then retire like you guys!

  2. The preliminary schedule surprised me with its brevity. I'd suggest something with a larger general touring content, perhaps along the lines of:
    Sector Destinations Miles Suggested Days

    1 Rawlins/ Moran 270 5
    2 Moran/ West Yellowstone 160 5
    3 West Yellowstone/ Missoula 330 6
    Sector 2 would comprise a circuit through Yellowstone NP

    Cheyenne or indeed Denver would be the jumping off point for fly-ins.
    A 2-day out and back side trip from Moran to the Jackson area would also be a possibility.

    1. Please see post "Thoughts about this Blog". it is sparse because we still aren't close to deciding what everyone wants to do. We are still very much in the "dream stage."

  3. Your Rough Draft #1 is very appealing, Tom, and thanks for the maps.

    Am currently toying with the idea of heading into Colter Bay again after a rest day on 15th September, then SE on ACA's Transamerica Trail for another 460 miles to Winter Park in Colorado. Can pick up an Amtrak there into Denver and points east.

  4. Bob, I have added (above) a map of your route from Old Faithful to Winter Park. I have driven the road from Laramie to the Tetons and it is scenic. I suggest that route into the Tetons for those bringing the van(s). It looks like your idea is another two weeks of pedaling. We may also want to drive back that way rather than the boring, but expeditious, I-80.

  5. Tom,
    This is my first stab at an itinerary for post-Yellowstone.
    If you feel it's inappropriate to post it now/here, please go ahead and remove it or move it someplace else.
    I was counting on cycling north from Jackson on Day 1 and heading SE from Moran, rather than revisiting Colter Bay. Camping at Jeffrey City may be informally available in the same way it is at a dot on the map in mid-Nevada, on US 50
    54 Grand Teton Park RV Resort Moran
    33 Dubois 10 motels on route
    76 Lander 4 motels on route
    62 Jeffrey City??? The Split Rock Bar and Café 2297 Hwy 789 Jeffrey City,
    67 Rawlins multiple motels on route
    44 Saratoga 4 motels on route
    65 Walden 4 motels on route
    56 Granby 5 motels on route
    15 Fraser Amtrak RWS (not a good option with bikes!)

    TOM: I'm new to this type of blog but it seems to me that it would be a whole lot easier to keep track of things, if latest comments could appear at the top, rather than the bottom, of the respective threads.

    1. Bob, Unfortunately, I am at the mercy of the Google people regarding the order in which the Comments are listed to a Post or on a Page. However, I have figured out another way, I think, to satisfy your request. I have added in the right sidebar a COMMENTS LIST. Click on the link I have included and it will take you to a display of ALL comments in reverse chronological order. It's also a great way to read everyone's comments without having to search for them on every page.

  6. You could take this direct into the Fogbees map portfolio, Tom


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