Key Services in the National Parks (Click here for listing)

Bicycles are allowed on the park's roadways, but not on trails or boardwalks. There are some designated off-pavement bicycling areas.  Warning: Bicycles must ride single file while in any National Park)

Visitor Centers & Information
Grand Tetons 
. . Maps and ranger assistance are available at all three centers.
. . Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center (tel. 307/739-3399) is a half-mile west of Moose Junction at the southern end of the park. It has free Wi-Fi.
. . Colter Bay Visitor Center (tel. 307/739-3594) is the northernmost center.
. . Jenny Lake Visitor Center (tel. 307/739-3343) Maps and ranger assistance are available at all three centers, and there are bookstores and exhibits at Moose and Colter Bay.

. . Albright Visitor Center (tel. 307/344-2263), at Mammoth Hot Springs, is the largest.
. . Canyon Visitor Education Center (tel. 307/344-2550), is in Canyon Village and focuses on the underlying volcanism.
. . Old Faithful Visitor Education Center (tel. 307/344-2751) shows a film on Yellowstone's thermal features throughout the day and features exhibits focusing on the park's geysers and other thermal features. It also displays projected geyser-eruption times.
. . Fishing Bridge Visitor Center (tel. 307/344-2450), near Fishing Bridge on the north shore of Yellowstone Lake focuses on the park's bird life.
. . Grant Visitor Center (tel. 307/344-2650).

Senior Pass
. . Bridger-Teton National Forest, Supervisors Office, 340 N. Cache
P.O. Box 1888, Jackson, WY 83001-1888, (307) 739-5500
. . Pinedale Ranger District, 29 East Fremont Lake Rd.
P.O. Box 220, Pinedale, WY 82941-0220, (307) 367-4326

Grand Tetons
. . Cell service is widely available on the floor of Jackson Hole throughout Grand Teton National Park
Wi-Fi is available in public areas at Jenny Lake Lodge, Jackson Lake Lodge, Signal Mountain, and Colter Bay Village

. . Cell service is spotty and currently limited to areas of Canyon, Grant Village, Mammoth Hot Springs, and Old Faithful. Verizon has the best coverage, and AT&T has coverage in the southern part of the park and Gardiner and West Yellowstone.  
. . Wi-Fi is prohibited in the Old Faithful Inn and the Lake Hotel in order to preserve the historic lodging experience. Xanterra will be permitted to offer Wi-Fi service in other park lodging and general stores. Yellowstone's planning is to actively promote "cell phone free zones" in the park.

. . Gas stations in the park are located at Mammoth Hot Springs, Canyon Village, Grants Village, Fishing Bridge and Old Faithful.

. . All our overnight sites have restaurants.  We have dinner reservations at Yellowstone Lake and Old Faithful.  Bicyclists should have breakfast early enough to be ready by 9:30AM for the day's ride.  Non-bicyclists can do whatever suits their mutual schedule.

. . If we want to eat lunch, it will have to be picnic style.  Each of our lodges has a general store which sells sandwiches and soft drinks.  It would be nice if everyone, bicyclists and non-bicyclists meet for a group picnic.

Grand Tetons
Call 911! There are public phones at the following locations (from south to north): Moose, Dornan’s, south Jenny Lake, Signal Mountain Lodge, Moran Entrance Station, Jackson Lake Lodge, Colter Bay Village, Leeks Marina and Flagg Ranch. Medical services are available at St. John’s Medical Center in Jackson at 625 E. Broadway Street and at the Grand Teton Medical Clinic at the Jackson Lake Lodge during the summer.

Medical services are available year round at Mammoth Clinic (307 344-7965). Services are also offered seasonally in the summer at Lake Clinic (307 242-7241) and at Old Faithful Clinic (307 545-7325).
Clinics are open to the public and are staffed and equipped for most medical emergencies as well as for routine care. Services include injury and illness treatment, x-rays, and some lab and pharmacy services.
If in-patient care or advanced services are required, the clinic staff can stabilize patients and arrange for appropriate transfer to a hospital outside the park.

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