Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Additional Dinner Reservations

I have made the additional dinner reservations at Yellowstone Lake and Old Faithful.  We now have reservations for 16 adults.

DATE      TIME       FACILITY                        EVENT                 ADULTS
9/07/14    5:15PM    Lake Hotel Dinner            DINING 4-TOP          4 
9/09/14    5:15PM    Old Faithful Inn Dinner    DINING 4-TOP          4 

. . The Lake Hotel time matches Dave's the Old Faithful is a half-hour earlier.  Other than asking for something before 6:15P, the times were select by the park and not by me.  As Dave noted earlier, we can't make reservations at Mammoth.
. . No one checked out Colter Bay. I suspect we may want to eat in the Lodge.  49 years ago, the view of the Mt. Moran through its huge rear window is spectacular, but expect a pricey menu.


  1. I called Colter Bay and Reservations are not necessary at the Ranch House. They said we could call a day ahead of time and tell them there will be 12(?) people. The prices here seemed ok. Of course there are several other lodges and some have much fancier dining and prices. Reservations are mandatory for these. However, I am comfortable with the Ranch House.

  2. The great view is from the lobby. So we can take everyone for the view and then eat more comfortably in the Ranch House. Expect Sharyn to be a little emotional. The Lodge is the site of her honeymoon 49 years ago, almost to the day. She is getting really anxious for the return.

  3. Tom, Dave,
    Thanks for taking the lead on all this. It is really nice to just be along for the ride.


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