Sunday, July 27, 2014

Note From Sonia to Dave S

All our reservation has been made.  I talked with Pat and she just said:  "You can just call them and pretend you are me"  I said, OK, as long as I have your permission to do so.

Today, I called  and with no problems I was able to transfer Pat's reservation for Colter Bay to Michael Kovach.  I gave them our credit card number and they will credit Pat's credit card within 7 to 10 days.

I also called Yellowstone Valley Lodge and make our reservations for Sept 2, 3 and 4th, 2014 in Livingston, MT.  They were charging me over $200 / night, but I said you paid $169/night, so they gave me the same price you got.

Now, I was trying to find the e-mail you sent telling us about the hotels  for Aug.27, 28, 29, but I could not find it.  Would you please send it again.  You said something about Country Inn at St.Peters $81.00,   La Quinta $95.00 MO to Salina.  
I wanted to ask Mike about whereabouts St.Peters is, but as I mentioned it, I could not find the e-mail.

Would, please let me know where these places the name of the State.

I would like to check some other hotels if I just have the name of the town and the State.  Mike and I have hotel points with Best Western and Hampton Inn that we could use.

Today, Saturday, 7-26-14 Mike went on 62 miles ride, 5600 vertical ride.  He came home very, very tired.  It was near 90 today and he lived.  He started at 7:30 am and finished the ride at 2 p.m.  He came home and slept and slept.

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  1. Sonia and Mike,

    I am very glad to hear that you have been able to complete the reservations at Coulter Bay and Livingston. This is the most important issue - getting rooms in and around the big national parks.

    Our proposed trip out to Yellowstone is posted on the website below. See July 14th. I have not planned to make any reservations until each day so that we can see how we are doing and then call in the early/mid afternoon. I tried to make reasonable driving days, but who knows what/if we want to alter our plans on the drive to/from Yellowstone.

    Mike is more than ready for the Yellowstone trip. He is doing harder riding than we are now or will in Yellowstone. But he is getting into the routine.....Ride...Shower...Eat...Sleep. Then do it again.

    I am posting your e-mail and this answer to the blog so that everyone is up to date.



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