Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Routes and cues

I've reworked the Sked page more to my liking and redone the Routes page with what I think is the most recent and final routes. I'm now working on each day's Garmin gpx files to include the points of interest and doing cue sheets for each day with the same. Cue sheets will appear under the planning section, daily cues, on the right panel as I complete them. Please look my routes page over and any cue sheets done so far. It takes me a while to do these cue sheets but it is the only way I can fix the route in my head.  Please let me know if you have any corrections for what I've done so far and any suggestions before I get too far down the wrong path.


  1. I see where you added a "Day #" on the Sked page, but what else did you do? I can't tell. About the only place we may need GPX files is in Jackson area. Outside it, we don't have too many options to go wrong. Having the POI's on the Cue sheet will be very helpful. It's helpful to have everything on one piece of paper. Another thing that is important to have on this "master sheet" is the estimated time of day for the POI's. It is much too easy to dally too long at one spot and then be forced to miss others or to rush the sight-seeing. Like the commercial sight-seeing tours, we need to be told how much time we have to observe before we must move on.

  2. Tom,
    Yes, all I did to the Sked page was add the day numbers in red, create a heading for when the bicycle ride begins, and put a space between days. When I'm creating the cues I do a lot of flipping from one screen to another so it is easier for me to relate one task to another. Printing hardcopy doesn't work for following the links. I am putting the poi into gpx, actually Garmin gba files, for my benefit so it shows up on my hand held gps and I don't need to be looking at the cue sheet. I expect they would work on your cue Dakota also. POI's don't transfer when I do a track download from Ride With GPS. Maybe they do on your Dakota.
    I see you've added some time frames for some of the stops. I'll add them to the cue sheets also. I well remember our planned three day tour of the Smithsonian in which we started at the art building figuring to breeze through it in a couple of hours only to be half done when we were run out that night.
    Having each day's activities on one cue sheet as much as possible is my goal. Since most of the day will be measured in miles rather than time that is how I laid them out.
    Day one on the Delorme Topo looks suspicious to me also. I exported the Ride With GPS track as a gps, filted it to work on my eTrex Vista, and uploaded it to Delorme Topo so there are chances for errors. I'll do this one again and be careful to check each step.


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