Friday, August 22, 2014

Withdrawing from tour

Well, we're down to the wire almost for the beginning of our Yellowstone trip and I'm sad to have to say this that I'm not going to make it because of Sciatica.  I know I've only been involved for a few months with the tour but still it's a great let-down for me.  Just a couple weekends back we were in Charleston and I went on a ride of just under 20 miles and I had to finish it almost on one leg.  It was disturbing but not overly--there had been times when I'd have to slow down after a few miles into a ride to rest my right leg a little. After a short spell of backing off, I am able to get back on it with no more problem.  But not this time.  I had a follow up appointment with a GP for a UTI when I told him about this leg issue--he confirmed the Sciatica.  I was put on an antibiotic for the UTI 10 days before so I couldn't be given a Steroid injection that might have a chance to quiet down the nerve--the drug interaction could have very severe side effects.  An anti inflammatory I was given hasn't helped at all and the leg pain is only getting worse.  I have had a couple back surgeries already for this same thing. 

Thanks for the invitation, Dave, to join the GT/YST--you are a great group of guys and I hope I have a chance to ride with you all again.  I will be following your tour with great interest on the blog and on Facebook.



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  1. Mike,
    Sorry you can't make it this time and also that you are having such severe sciatica. This will not be our last such grand trip. Even now Aussie Bob is gathering the forces for a 2015 epic bicycle journey.


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