Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Park Services

. . I have added a SERVICES page to this blog and entered what I think we need to know.  Please review. An important note is WiFi and cell service is at best very limited in the parks.  We will not be able to pull up the pages on this blog.  I suggest we try to capture the stuff that we need to know on this blog so we can print it and have it available on the ride.  So please comment on stuff you thing we need to have.
. . I added telephone numbers for Medical Services which I hope we won't need, but it may be incomplete for anything special that any of us might require on short notice.  FYI: the last time I was in these parks, I was sick and needed medical attention at the Jackson Lake Clinic.
. . The one thing for which I have not a suggestion is communications.  I have small transceivers with very limited range, maybe a couple of miles.  I don't think they are adequate for communications with a SAG or with the non-bicyclists.  Any thoughts?

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  1. Good information page. On MA 12 I converted all the documents to PDF format and stored them on me cell phone. Things like county maps, cue sheets, etc. Never had to use them but it is an easy way to have them available off line. Of course, things like phone numbers, motel reservation data, etc. should also be on paper.
    As an ATT wireless customer riding in rural middle Tennessee I'm used to being out of cell service so don't worry about that as much. I think pre arranged regrouping sites and times is good enough, including mid day regrouping with the NSROs. Non Riding Significant Others.
    I must remember to be sure the Yellowstone region mapsets are downloaded to my gps and to OsmAnd.
    I have a pair of Motorola walkie talkies but they are also pretty much line of sight. The quote a 5 mile range but that is if there are no obstructions along the way. They do have voice activated earbud/mcrophones which was a nice novelty for David Buckman and I for one day only.


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