Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Great Rides on Day 1, 2 & 3 of Return

I am posting great potential rides during the ride home.  I would like comments to see if you agree/are interested/or completely refuse.

Day 1 Monday, Sep 15           Jackson to Buffalo
Mile 55 to 100                         9550 Ft down to 6340 Ft.     Almost all down hill.   Nat'l Forest
Mile 301 to 338 (day's end)     9640 Ft down to 4550 Ft.                 "                           "

Day 2 Tuesday, Sep 16          Buffalo to Rapid City
Mile 191 to 227 (day's end)     5840 Ft down to 3540 Ft.   Almost all down hill.  Black Hills NF

Day 3 Wednesday, Sep 17    Rapid City to Chamberlin
Mile 40 to 75                           2930 Ft down to 2400 Ft.     Gradual down hill.   Bad Lands NP

These are all Recovery Rides with a little screaming fun.  Two are at the day's end so we can let the ladies go ahead and just ride into the motel.   The street views show some construction and rumble but overall looks good.


  1. Day 1 and 3 look ok. I was hoping to do some side trips such as Mount Rushmore and maybe the Crazy Horse memorial on day 2. I have not explored other potential once in a lifetime attractions on the other days but would not want cycling on the return to preclude other options. One problem with cycle touring is that anything five miles or 500 feet of extra climbing off route is a deal breaker.
    Still the idea of cycling up to mount Rushmore is appealing. Nothing beats those first views seen from the bicycle saddle.

  2. My priority on the return is touring OFF the bike. I don't automatically reject a short downhill ride to the motel on day #1 and day #3, but I would like the focus of day #2 to be totally site-seeing the numerous Dakota attractions family-style. Although I mapped a direct route on the return trip, I was hoping we would have a few side trips/stops on those short drive days to explore the regions. More me, the bike would only be an option if it would let me see the "sites" more conveniently/better,

  3. I agree the priority is to Site See on the return. I just propose that some site seeing is better ON bike than IN a car. Bruce's suggestion to ride to Mt. Rushmore is great. Tom's other "off route" attractions are fine also. The more the better.

    I have done a multitude of car touring rides and would like to mix up this one with fresh air, wind in your face bike rides also...especially if it is one of our destinations and downhill. I am not looking to do any monster climbs on the return just for the sake of getting in more rides. But I do want to enjoy to the fullest the opportunities we may have to enrich our return.

  4. I also have another priority. In my case I want to make this trip a holiday for Sharyn. Although she does go along with the biking, she is not particularly fond as being brought along for the convenience of bicyclists as the SAG wagon driver, even implicitly. So I will need to find ways to make this trip something for mutual enjoyment and may have to "go light" on the ride-home activities that involves the bicycle.


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