Friday, August 8, 2014

GT/YS Tour Participant Update

The full GT/YS tour participants are...

Ben & Anne Cowan
Bruce & Wilma Day
Tom & Sharyn Evans
Dave & Alicia Shumaker
Mike & Sonia Kovach

Additional participates in the first part of the tour are...

Nicole Shumaker       Arrive Friday evening, Sept 5th and depart early Friday morning, Sept 12th.
Sharad Bhaskaran      Nicole's friend.  Arrive Friday, Sept 5 and depart Tuesday, Sept 9th.
Brian Shumaker         Arrive Fri late or Sat Early, Sept 5/6 and depart Fri/Sat??

Nicole has firm airline reservations.  Sharad and Brian still are working on theirs.  Nicole and Brian both have in park hotel reservations, but need to make them in Jackson & West Yellowstone.

I believe that all of Bob Schofield and Pat Gleason's tour reservations have now been transferred or cancelled.  I think that only my other daughter, Lisa Mirman, has Park reservations that will not be used.  Since I do not know of anyone else needing rooms, I will tell her to cancel her reservations now.

I have arranged to take out three additional bikes for these individuals to ride - one each from Bob Schofield, Bud Park and David Irvine.

To my knowledge, all other persons who were considering the tour have decided it is not possible to participate this time.


  1. Update from Ben.....

    A potential late addition: son Blair will join us for a day ride on Saturday from Jackson. And if he feels his usual burly self may decide to ride into Sunday, then turn around and ride all the way back to Jackson. He would share our room if that is the case. His in-laws have a condo in Jackson and there is to be a big gathering so he has all the front and back ends on his own!

    As for Anne and Jennifer and meself, we're taking a lay-over day in Lewiston, ID where it was 108 yesterday (our longest day at 75 miles), 104 today but it is supposed to moderate mid-week. So we're about 400 miles into our ride and will turn South for 3days before reaching Cambridge and joining the Trans-America route for the ride back to Portland. Lots of wheat, lots of fruit and plenty of fun already! All of Washington's State Parks require $.50 for a shower--the only thing I can think of to whine about!

    See you guys on Friday, a few weeks hence!


  2. Ben,

    Glad to learn that Blair is joining the ride on Saturday/Sunday. Maybe Jennifer can join as well. As you know, we have SAG support and can easily shuttle those coming and going.

    I hope you and Anne wear yourselves down a little so that you maintain a pace that will at least allow us to keep you in sight.

    Please cool down the weather. We were worried about snow, not heat exhaustion and sun burn.

    I am counting down the days. Two weeks from this Wednesday, we depart!!


  3. Ben,
    Temps over 100 deg F would be cause for some mighty complaining from me. Does the $0.50 get you warm water?


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