Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Details

. . Without a doubt, the devil is in the details.  I have outlined a "suggested" detailed hourly-by-hourly schedule to help us see/visit all the major points of interest and to make it easy for the non-bicyclists to meet the bicyclists (if they want to) for shared photo-opts and lunches.  The schedules assume that we ride at tour (aka snail) pace, which usually is 10-mph average.  On all days I have included a lunch plan.
. . I have updated RideWithGPS maps for several days with new mileage.  I have a new plan for the ride to Ashton, for the day we ride to Driggs, and for the ride back to Jackson through Grand Teton pass.
. . We have two early dinner reservations at Yellowstone Lake and Old Faithful Lodge.  So the schedule on those two days is tight.
. . We are probably not going to need a SAG on most days when the non-bicyclists meet us in route. On the other days I have attempted a preliminary look at a SAG schedule that does not keep anyone a long time in the van.
. . Please check the SKED page.  Comments? Suggestions? Revisions?


  1. Just had a chance to go over the schedule. It is very good to have these activities preplanned or we'd buzz by some and dither about others. Note to self: pack a box of Gallon sized zip lock bags for those pic nic lunches lest we our lunch become a bear feast.

  2. Tom,

    Thanks for organizing the day rides, activities and SAG/NO SAG. A plan is better than none and can always be modified by intelligence on the ground. I appreciate the call out for each day's activities.

    Looks like the typical weather for Jackson is low 40's to mid 70's during the period we will be there. Probably ~5 degrees cooler in Yellowstone. Of course, we will have some surprises.

    I like the relaxed - 10 AM - start on Saturday. I think this will be the toughest day to organize since everyone will be coming in the night before. I know that Nicole and Sharad will arrive late ~ 9:30 PM. However, they do not plan to ride Sat or Sunday. They stay at Jackson Sat night and will join up with us again Sun evening at Yellowstone Lake. Sharad will not ride at all and will have to leave on Tue. Nicole will ride part of Wed & Thur and leave Thur night/Fri early AM.

    I do not have Brian's schedule yet. But he will most likely ride all days he is there.

    SAG req'd for Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri, & Sun looks good.

    Thanks for sorting out this detail.


  3. On the NO SAG days, Sharyn/Wilma and Alicia/family will have the two vans for their convenience, preferably meeting us along the route as they find interesting and joining us for lunch. I suggest we take only these two vehicles on the route. All extra vehicles should be left at the Elk Ridge Motel where we begin and end the ride. With the permission of the motel personnel that should be relatively safe. I have tried to minimize SAG use except in those cases where it is needed or advisable.

  4. Nicole and Sharad are renting a car and will drive separately. Sharad will use and return it when he leaves Tuesday.

    If Blair's departure is about the same time, I am quite sure that he could get a ride with Sharad.


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