Because these parks are highly popular, reservations should be made as early as possible.  Sites sell out at least a year in advance. 

Here is a Spreadsheet showing the rooming arrangements

JACKSON HOLE - Reserve at least for Fri 9/5/14 and Sun 9/14/14 . Please book you preferences, we will meet at the trail head in the morning.

Here's a list from KAYAK of Accommodations 
- Elk Ridge: $25 Cancellation Fee up to 14 days prior, then FULL charge.
- Motel 6: Free Cancellation up to 15 days prior, the FULL charge.


Reservations can be made by clicking here.

Costs to stay in any of the Lodges within Grand Teton National Park are prohibitive.  Typically, rooms are between $260 to $360/night.

The only reasonable alternative is to stay in Colter Bay Village with has a variety of rustic options including log cabins, tent cabins, and tent sites.  Click here for details.

ASHTON - Reserve for Fri 9/12/14 . Although Kayak lists nothing, I found several in Ashton with Rankin getting good reviews..

Here's a list from KAYAK of Accommodations 
- Rankin Motel: (also click here) $75/night, No Cancellation Fee

WEST YELLOWSTONE - Reserve for Wed 9/10/14 and Thu 9/11/14There are over a dozen motels in downtown within a mile of each other. Please book preference.
Here's a list from KAYAK of Accommodations
- Al Westward HO: 10% Cancellation up to 7 days, then FULL charge 
- Moose Creek Inn: No Cancellation up to 2 days, then FULL charge 

DRIGGS - Reserve for Sat 9/13/14.
- Super 8 Motel: See pricing options on the link


Reservations can be made by clicking here. For costs of camping throughout the Park see the FEES page.


North entrance of park 
Suite                 $459
Standard            $123
Basic                   $87
Hot Tub Cabin  $229
Frontier Cabin   $130
Budget Cabin      $86
No camping

SW Yellowstone
Rooms  $229 - $239
Western Cabin  $155
Frontier Cabin   $99
No camping

Old Faithful Inn

SW Yellowstone 
Suites      $410 - $512
Special    $221 - $250
Standard  $140 - $164
Basic        $103 - $120
No camping

Old Faithful Lodge

 SW Yellowstone 
Frontier Cabins $115
Pioneer Cabins    $89
No Camping

Lake Yellowstone Lodge

North shore of Yellowstone lake
Western Cabin $188
Frontier Cabin $115
Pioneer Cabin    $75
Bridge Bay Camping

Lake Yellowstone Hotel

North shore of Yellowstone lake
Suites        $519 - $599
Renovated $269 - $299
Lakeside    $210 - $215
Standard                $150
Cabins                    $141
Bridge Bay Camping

Grant Village

SW shore of Yellowstone Lake
Standard Room $155

Canyon Lodge

Near Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
Lodge Room     $185
Western Cabins $188 
Frontier Cabin     $99

Roosevelt Lodge

NE Yellowstone
Frontier Cabin     $115
Roughrider Cabin $69 
No Camping


  1. Tom, I see what you mean about in-park accommodations selling out quickly.

    I'd be prepared to commit in principal now to sharing a two-bedded cabin at the Old Faithful Lodge, preferably a 'Frontier'. Similarly with Lake Lodge Cabins, if that's the preferred location. 'Frontier', 'Western' and 'Pioneer' in that order of selection.

    I note that Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel and Cabins has a very wide range of accommodations but I didn't check availability since this site may not be as critical, with the town of Gardner just a few kms. down the road.

    Hope I'm not getting too far ahead of the game with this!

  2. Bob, You're not getting too far ahead. I know from experience that these places sell-out a year in advance. That's why I hope to get everyone giving this trip serious thought ASAP. We can tweak it later. We need to book now and then cancel if necessary. I think the big unknown is if guests will be joining. That may change the lodging selections, otherwise the cabins were my priority. I'll add to this page lodging options in Gardner and West Yellowstone.

  3. Tom, are people regularly reading this blog? I see that I comprised more than one third of the first 175 page views!
    Maybe a circular email from you would better convey the sense of urgency attaching to this accommodation issue.
    The 'book and cancel if necessary' approach is the one I've used on past tours but I wasn't aware this would work with the n.p.s. franchisee. Am I correct in assuming you propose to handle the accommodation bookings in the first instance?

  4. Bob, To answer your question in your Comment, my guess is people are not checking this blog. As you recommend, because of your noted urgency, I have changed the setting on this blog to send an email to everyone anytime anyone POSTS or COMMENTS.
    . . We also do not have a complete "sign-on" by everyone Bruce suggested as "potentials." You and Bruce should feel free to advertise this trip to your past tour buddies. I have emailed everyone on Bruce's list except Sam. I don't have his address. Bob, I'll give you a status update on the PARTICIPANTS page. I think we may have more FOGBEES but we haven't done a serious solicitation yet. We wanted the "core" group to detail "the plan" before inviting others.
    . . Lastly, three of the potentials are "on vacation" and probably don't appreciate the problems of getting a "bed" in a these hugely popular National Parks.
    . . Note to Everyone: Bob and I have had quite a discussion on this trip to which we invite your input. I have updated Schedule, Routes, Lodging, and Fee pages of our blog. Comments can be found on all these pages in addition to the home page.

  5. 10/8/2013 Just talked with fellow at Coulter Bay Village. He was very helpful. After discussing our situation he suggested the 2 room private cabins with two doubles and shared bath. Cost for unit would be $239.00 + 19.12 tax = $258.12 per unit = $64.57 per person. They have 28 of those and say that they typically fill up by May. Cancellation policy. Before 3 days prior to stay is $15/unit. Within 3 days, loose 1 night which for us is the whole thing. However, we can change dates at any time with no penalty. Of course that would depend on the dates. They list semi private cabins for $77 which requires one to go outside to bathroom. They have 4 units with 2 twin beds and 5 units with a double bed. That would be less expensive for those willing to brace the bears in the dark.
    Called Yellowstone. Once I mentioned more than 5 people I was referred to the groups desk and got a machine, Left message to call me back.

  6. Just Called Yellowstone Reservations. Confirmed Cancellation policy is 48 hrs with no penalty.
    Sept 7, 2014 Lake Yellowstone Cabins Frontier Cabins 6 available as of today, October 18, 2013. These have your won BR in cabin. Pioneer Cabins -50. here the Pioneer cabins have own bathroom in cabin.
    Sept 8, 2014 Mammoth Hot Springs. NO Frontier Cabins. Budget Cabins. Must use communal BR 19 available
    Sept 9, 2014 Old Faithful Lodge Frontier Cabins 13 Available.
    So better book now.

  7. Number to call is 307-344-7311 option #4
    Just booked for Wilma and I and Bob S.
    Sept 7 Lake Yellowstone Lodge 2 Frontier Cabins, each has only 1 double bed. Can periodically call back to see if room with 2 beds opens.. $137.21 each
    Sept 8 Mammoth Hot Springs 2 Rooms in Hotel. Each room has two double beds. Bath down hall. $100.83 each This was best deal in this area.
    Sept 9 Old Faithful 2 Frontier Cabins. 1 with double bed, 1 with 2 singles. $137.21 each
    Charged my Card $750.50 but can cancel anytime 48 hrs before for full refund.

  8. Ben,
    Nothing for you to do for any of the in park reservations. Just show up. You are set to use the reservations I had made and your check covered it all. You have no need to worry about Pat or Bob. Someone else is going to use those reservations but that is for someone else to work out. The only reservations you needed to make are the ones not actually in a park and my memory is that you have already done that. I'm re sending the reservations in Yellowstone and Colter Bay that you will be in. Also attached is the overall lodging plans as an Excel spreadsheet that shows your out of park reservations on the bottom section. All are already secured by credit card except for the Rankin motel in Ashton who did not require a credit card to make the reservations.

    Good luck on your trips. I hope you don't have to depend too much on the kindness of strangers. For you and Anne, Yellowstone lodging is in the can.

  9. Dean and I are taking Lisa's rooms in the park for 9/7, 9/8 and 9/9. We made reservations at the listed places for 9/10-9/14. Elk Refuge wasn't available on 9/5, so we're staying within walking distance at Flat Creek. We haven't done anything yet for 9/6.


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